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Sure to incite some debate, officials of a pueblo in New Mexico has said it is banning trick-or-treating this year (some headlines even said “canceled Halloween”).

Jemez Pueblo Gov. Joshua Madalena told Santa Fe’s New Mexican that an earlier killing in the area and fears of further violence had spurred a conversation about how Halloween was not a part of the tribe’s culture. No trick-or-treating will be allowed on tribal lands.

A 21-year-old was killed in gruesome fashion last month.

    “That really made me and my Tribal Council and my religious leaders step back and take a look at where are we now,” he said. “The religious leaders had told me that this (Halloween) is not a part of our culture. Many of them are older men and stated that, ‘When I was young, we didn’t have this. When did it start? And look at now, you know. We’ve lost control.’ ”

    Last month, Lucas Michael Ray Steven Toledo, 22, of Jemez Pueblo was charged with stabbing to death Matthew Panana, 21, also of Jemez Pueblo, then trying to disembowel him.

    Jenna Cederberg

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