No prison time recommended for Blackfeet defendant

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Charlotte New Breast will learn Thursday whether a U.S. District Court Judge will accept a recommendation by federal prosecutors that she serve no prison time for embezzling from a federally funded program for troubled youth on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

The Associated Press reports that prosecutors says New Breast, 53, has cooperated with authorities, who have charged five others, and profited little from the scheme.

“But for the benefits she provided to the government in disclosing information and agreeing to testify about the crimes of other actors, and her indisputably minor role in the scheme, she should have taken her rightful place in line for the consequences of accountability; a line that would have included incarceration,” (assistant U.S. attorney Car) Rostad wrote.

The other five charged include project leaders Francis Onstand and Delyle “Shanny” Augare. They’re accused of stealing an estimated $195,000 from the program and making up or embellishing the tribe’s in-kind contributions to ensure the federal money kept flowing, AP reported.

New Breast will be sentenced by Judge Brian Morris on Thursday.

- Vince Devlin

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