Almost 330 people around the country have become members of the emerging Una Tribe, “mixed-blood tribe” being formed by a family in Eugene, Ore.

As reports, the Lake family there has already created a website and declaration of creation to attempt to get around blood quantum laws.

    The Lake family who lives in Eugene says each family member has a fraction of their blood that is Native American. But that fraction of blood is not large enough to be considered a member of their ancestral tribes, so they’re starting their own tribe for people like them.

    “I have been told my whole life that I’m Native American, both my father and my mother are Native American, all together I’m one-eigth,” said Richard Lake III, Una Tribe Founder.

    That one-eighth tribal blood doesn’t allow Richard Lake III to be considered part of an ancestral tribe.

. . .

    But one Klamath Tribe member says it takes more than a bit of Native American blood to be a part of a tribe.

    “The ancestral memories of that are generations and generations of a single people living together sharing memories and developing language,” said Gordon Bettles, Klamath Tribe Member.

. . .

    Even though they’re not recognized by the government or other tribes, the Una mixed blood tribe thinks in 10 years you’ll be hearing a lot about them.

    “Our end goal is set up a reservation for our members to be able to live on or visit,” said Richard Lake III.

Jenna Cederberg

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Striking Bear (Hunkpapa Lakota)

It is about time all tribes as Full Blooded or Mixed Bloods get respect and recognition in the State of Oregon.

After all we have been there all along!!!!!!.

May 13th, 2013 at 2:46 pm

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