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Could a new First Nations provincial political party help balance the power scales in Canada?

Wallace Fox, chief of the 5,000-member Onion Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan thinks so, reports.

Fox called for the creation of a First Nations political party Tuesday.

    Fox, speaking to reporters at the Saskatoon Tribal Council office Wednesday morning, said there are at least 11 ridings that could be won by a First Nations party if supported by the majority of Aboriginal People. Even if that party did not form government, it could hold a “balance of power” and have a tremendous influence on policy. Fox mentioned issues such as resource revenue sharing and education funding.

    Fox said he has talked to more than a dozen First Nations leaders across the province who are receptive to the idea.

    Chief Larry Cachene of the Yellow Quill First Nation supports Fox’s idea, saying the time has come for a First Nations provincial party. For next week’s provincial election vote, however, Fox said Onion Lake elders and leaders will be endorsing the NDP because of its more favourable First Nations proposals.

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NCAI Executive Director talks conference, elections

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Director of NCAI, Jacqueline Johnson Pata (Geoff Norcross / OPB Executive)

As the National Congress of American Indians winds down in Portland, Ore., the national, state and local election season is winding up.

Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Geoff Norcross sat down with NCAI Executive Directo Jacqueline Johnson Pata to talk politics and elections, asking her what the most important issues are in Indian Country.

Listen here to Pata’s thoughts.

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