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Confederated Salish, Kootenai Tribes get $300K grant for affordable housing
$2.9 million worth of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development money is coming to tribes in Montana. That’s a big boost for affordable housing on the state’s six reservations. Although only $300,000 will go to the Flathead Indian Reservation in northwestern Montana, Steve Lozar couldn’t be happier.

Vince Devlin of the Missoulian reports:

    The Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribal councilman told a HUD deputy assistant secretary he knows first-hand what such money can mean to someone with no place left to turn.

    “I was one earlier in life,” Lozar told Valerie Piper, deputy assistant secretary for economic development. “We had six kids, and were really down on our luck, to the point of losing our place. We were working hard, but we could never get ahead.”

    It was a HUD program that allowed Lozar to purchase another home for his family.

    “We were able to live in it, and raise all those kids in it,” Lozar said. “That program was a ‘yes’ in a sea of ‘no’s.’ We were in such a desperate situation, and it saved us. It was life-changing.”

Carlos Santana criticizes ‘racist’ Grammy decision

Santana: Academy is playing the race chord. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Carlos Santana has been an outspoken critic of the Recording Academy’s decision this year to eliminate the Native American Album category. ICTMN found several instances where the the musician stood up for the category and the people who deserve to be considered for a Grammy.

    In an interview with Canadian website The Province, Carlos Santana said of the Academy, “I think they’re racist. Period.”

    “First of all we have so many categories of Country & Western,” he said. “Country & Western people have seven to nine to 10 (awards) shows a year and you seldom see Negroes or Latin people. You can’t eliminate black gospel music or Hawaiian music or American Indian music or Latin jazz music because all this music represents what United States is: a social experiment.”

Jenna Cederberg