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A display of star quilts in the Prairie Star Gallery (Photo

A display of star quilts in the Prairie Star Gallery (Photo

The Associated Press offers this story from Beth Wischmeyer of the Argus-Leader in Sioux Falls, S.D., on the Prairie Star Gallery, which has featured Native American art for 15 years:

    SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — The retirement plans of the owners of Prairie Star Gallery in Sioux Falls could stifle a vital outlet for Native American artists in South Dakota.

    But the possible closure is creating opportunity at the Washington Pavilion, where officials are in talks with Prairie Star owners Linda and John Boyd to set up a museum and gallery for Native American goods.

    The Pavilion already has plans to create a permanent Native American gallery collection this fall and a store could be included in the mix, said Pavilion Executive Director Larry Toll. His organization has applied for a grant from the South Dakota Community Foundation to hire a museum store expert to help set up that enterprise.

That would come as a relief to artists like Marty Two Bulls.

“(Linda is) really a definite resource there. She’s really an asset to the community and to the artists,” Two Bulls – who sells his artwork almost exclusively to the gallery – tells Wischmeyer.

“All too often in this field, the Native American artist is taken advantage of. Even people who spend 20 hours on a piece are forced to sell it for $20 to $30. Linda’s gallery, she pays well, pays what the work is worth. It’s kind of a rarity around South Dakota.”

Gwen Florio

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