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The Washington Post takes the White House and Congress to task in an editorial about huge settlements in class-action cases involving Native Americans and black farmers.

As the editorial notes, in each case, whenever the plaintiffs think the settlements due them might actually arrive, another delay is imposed. The suit pertaining to black farmers was settled in 1999, the one involving Native Americans last year.

Each case involves injustices going back generations. The case filed by Elouise Cobell, who is Blackfeet from Browning, Mont., sought redress for hundreds of thousands of Native people cheated by the federal government out of royalties due them on their lands.

The latest delay pushes the deadline for the necessary congressional approval for the $3.4 billion Cobell v. Salazar settlement back to Oct. 15.

As the Post notes:

    African Americans and Native Americans have been the most persecuted and exploited groups in this nation’s history, and the settlements in question represent modest, but achievable, efforts to address discrete harms. The White House and Congress should work diligently to ensure that these most recent promises become reality.

Gwen Florio

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