Students in Tucson protest the new immigration bill (Arizona Daily Star photo)

Students in Tucson protest the new immigration bill (Arizona Daily Star photo)

The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, which represents 20 tribes, will continue to oppose Arizona’s new immigration law, which is supposed to go into effect next month.

As Evan Wyloge of the Arizona Capitol Times notes, here, the tribes say the law will violate their sovereignty and civil rights.

“Tribes have jurisdiction within their land, and state law doesn’t apply” John Lewis, says the council’s executive director. “And the law just doesn’t work in the interests of the American Indian population.”

As Wyloge writes:

    A resolution passed by the tribal council on June 4 states that the new law would lead to disproportionate stops and detentions for tribal members, violate their sovereignty and negatively impact the tribal economy.

    In their resolution, the group says long-accepted standards of tribal life would suddenly be incongruous with the new law.

    Enforcement of the law would force many law officers to reach the “reasonable suspicion” of illegal status for a large portion of Native Americans, whose presence within the U.S. has never been in question, the resolution states.

It goes on to say that English has always been a second language for many Native Americans, some of whom don’t have birth certificates.

On May 24, the office of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer wrote to the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs, seeking its cooperation and guidance with law enforcement in terms of the new law.

The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona plans to meet with the National Congress of American Indians next to work out a strategy for opposing the new law.

Gwen Florio

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I am one Indian who will be more than happy to be pulled over and asked to show some i.d. Arizona is being invaded by illegals and something had to happen. I support Gov. Brewer and S.B. 1070!!!!!!!!!!!

June 15th, 2010 at 4:29 pm

What groups are screaming “Racists”? The ones we have a problem with being illegal! Stop with your racist crap, go back to your country, apply to be an American citizen, pass and WELCOME to AMERICA! What is the problem here? The problem is our government letting it go this far, and now want the votes, so they do nothing! Yes Obama I am talking you and all the others that are helping the illegals to stay in America. You will NOT be getting my vote! I will make sure that I vote for someone that is going to do something about this mess! I care about the children here in America enough to say STOP bringing all these drugs and illegals into our country. Try going to another country and lets see what happens. I love AMERICA, and I am proud to stand behind her and protect her!

June 28th, 2010 at 3:09 pm
Larry Crehore

In the mid 1970s I met Richy Curly of the Navajo Tribe in Silverton, Colorado where he had a shop selling jewelery. I came to admire this man and he gave me some insite into his beleifs. Of special note was a sign he made and displayed in his shop. It reads:
“Due to the last two hundred years of wars, there is an extreme shortage of Indians, however things are looking up, the Government is now Taking Reservations.”
My ignorance back then made me smile at the wording, over the years I have come to understand the tragedy of the truth in that sign.

July 28th, 2010 at 8:41 am

The problem with the law is that it gives the police the right to stop anyone who “might not” be a citizen. I have a friend, born in this country and lived in Arizona for many years, who is stopped on his way to work and home several times a day, often by the same officers he had been stopped by earlier. He has dark skin because his grandfather was Filipino and his mother has Italian ancestry. How many times would you like the police to ask for your papers because you needed to go to the store for groceries? How about up to 5 times for an 8 mile trip! The only people being harassed are the ones who don’t look “white enough.”

August 23rd, 2010 at 1:41 pm

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