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Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steel’s “honest Injun” remark continues to rankle. (See previous post, here.)

He’s supposed to visit Montana Feb. 13. for a GOP event. A news release issued today by the Montana Democratic Party quotes several Indian lawmakers as calling for an apology – which Steele has yet to offer. The release reads:

    Michael Steele (AP photo)

    Michael Steele (AP photo)

    Montana Senators Carol Juneau (Browning) and Jonathan Windy Boy (Box Elder), and Representatives Shannon Augare (Browning) and Carolyn Pease-Lopez (Billings) today demanded a formal apology before Steele’s visit to Montana.

    “We’ve read Chairman Steele’s denials and half-apologies,” the lawmakers said. “We’re in an era when institutional racism should be a thing of the past. Before Chairman Steele is welcome in Montana, he needs to show he actually understands what he said was wrong and issue a real apology to the First Montanans.”

Gwen Florio

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