Here’s the story in its entirety from the Rapid City Journal. We’ll keep posting updates as they arrive:

A steady of influx of South Dakotans coming into Rapid City from the north central region of the state has prompted the Black Hills Chapter of the American Red Cross to open a shelter in Rapid City.

According to a news release from the Red Cross, the shelter will be housed in Fountain Springs Community Church on 2100 North Plaza Drive. The shelter opened at 1

Last weekend, a powerful snow and ice storm ripped through the region, felling power lines and cutting off power and water to thousands of South Dakotans, many of them on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. When full power and water will be restored remains in question.

And while tribal officials have established a number of shelters throughout the reservation, scores of people have headed to Rapid City to seek shelter.

For more information, call 1-888-271-3130 or 342-4010.

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BJ Barto

This is a laugh, I’ve been there and seen in person what the Red Cross does not do for the native people in SD, The last time I saw the boxs of clothing they gave out at Pine Ridge they consisted of left shoes only,bikinis, silk blouses with no buttons and the Red Cross was setting on their ASS eating and drinking the supplies ment to be taken out on the rez where they were needed.I hope the real people with real cameras not afriad to tell the truth will go show who gets the help. Sorry but the people that are in real need are on the Reservation, they didn’t have the things these people have run out of to begin with.
The news just relaesed the list of the poorest places in the world, Haiti was number one but Pine Ridge SD USA was number 3 worldwide…….Shame on our nation to do this to the real FIRST AMERICANS………..time this nation starts finding out the truth how out Indians are treated in the USA.President Andrew Jackson said “The only good Indian ,is a dead Indian” and our country is still trying to carry that order out.Its time our First Americans are treated with honer and given the very best this nation has to offer. BJ Barto

January 27th, 2010 at 4:37 pm

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