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The Supreme Court’s decision to review the heavily debated law health care reform law is the center of attention for many in the coming months.

What does this mean for Indian Country?

ICTMN’s Rob Capriccioso reminds readers that the stakes are high:

    WASHINGTON – It was a risky strategy when Indian health advocates decided to get the Indian Health Care Improvement Act attached to the greater national healthcare reform law. For, the fate of the greater law would always be tied to that of the Indian health law—for better or for worse. Now their combined fates lie in balance with the U.S. Supreme Court.

    On November 14, the Supreme Court announced that it would review the legality of the greater law, leaving Indians forced to fight to protect their provisions—even though none of the specific orders issued by the high court to date have mentioned the IHCIA by name.

    The arguments are set to be heard in March. No one knows how the conservative-leaning court will rule, but it is known that conservative judges in lower courts have already ruled against the legality of portions of the law. And many conservative legal critics have argued that the whole law should be repealed—paying no regard to the uniqueness of the IHCIA.

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