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Buffalo Post pic of the week: Sotara’s smile

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Photo by Lailani Upham/Char-Koosta

I met Sotara Barnaby a couple months ago as she shopped for a special trip to Washington D.C. Sotara hasn’t had the easiest life, she suffers from a rare genetic disease Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, which affects her growth and development. Sotara has been a patient of Shodair Children’s Hospital for most of her life. This year, she was the first Native American picked as Montana’s 2011 Children’s Miracle Network Hospital champion.

In this picture, courtesy of the Char-Koosta, Sotara is helping others who suffer from childhood illness by serving up treats at the Dairy Queen on the Flathead Indian Reseravation.

It’s hard to capture Sotara’s smile on camera, but take my word: It really is remarkably bright and infectious. So even if this more of a “pick of the week” than a pic of the week, I hope when you read about Sotara it makes you smile too.

Jenna Cederberg